Cross Village Portable Boat Ramp

Grant: # 1204

Grant Amount: $120,000.00

Board Decision Year: 2011

Cross Village Township (Cross Village)

Reck, Gene ([email protected]) 231-838-9927

GLFT - Access to the Great Lakes Fishery-A - Access to the Great Lakes Fishery

Project Details

This project funded the construction of an all-metal removable boat ramp that has enhanced tribal and recreational fishing opportunities in the northern tip of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. The ramp portion is 16’ wide and 50’ long. It is constructed of a metal grid over a rigid frame. It is mounted on tires for easier installation and extraction. There are skid piers on each side that are 5’ wide and 32’ long. The ramp is in use and provides easier access to Lake Michigan for as many as five different fishing boats. A vault toilet also installed on site to improve usability. The project achieved its primary goal of providing a superior boat ramp.


Final Report
View - 2011.1204_Cross_Village_final_report_narrative_financial_photos.pdf