Michigan Environmental Literacy Plan

Grant: # 1219

Grant Amount: $39,656.00

Board Decision Year: 2011

National Wildlife Federation - Great Lakes Regional Office (Ann Arbor)

Great Lakes Regional Office

Liljegren, Julia ([email protected]) 734-887-7100

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Project Summary

The Michigan Environmental Literacy Plan (MI ELP) has been developed to provide those involved in the environmental education of children with common goals and action strategies that can maximize education efforts and results. The implementation of the MI ELP may also address the secondary goals of improving the physical, social, and intellectual health of children by connecting them with the outdoors, nature, and their local community. The MI ELP is designed to meet the eligibility requirements for funding under the federal No Child Left Inside Act of 2013, should it be passed. For more information on the MI ELP and its implementation, go to www.MIELP.org.


Michigan Environmental Literacy Plan
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