Youth Policy Summit on Great Lakes Water Resources

Grant: # 1227

Grant Amount: $10,000.00

Board Decision Year: 2012

Keystone Center (Dillon)

Roush, Elizabeth ([email protected]) 970-513-5824

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Project Details

The Keystone Center Youth Policy Summit program provides high school students with the 21st century skills they will need to address cross-cutting policy issues in their lifetime. The Keystone Center’s Science and Public Policy Division holds dialogues and meetings with thought leaders and stakeholders from various sectors and interests to help these professionals make decisions and work together more effectively. Through this line of work, The Keystone Center observes firsthand the need for improved decision-making and collaboration skills. YPS provides these crucial skills to the next generation of leaders. Each student at YPS represents the interests of a stakeholder from advocacy, government, or business, and their dialogues and deliberations are based on real-world issues and stakeholder disagreements. Every Youth Policy Summit is centered on a topical public issue within the energy, environment, or health fields. The Keystone Center’s 2012 Youth Policy Summit in Michigan focused on Great Lakes water resources; students looked into the multiple demands on the Great Lakes. Students researched topics from water use for electric utilities to Great Lakes ecosystems and invasive species to gain perspective on the number of issues, competing uses, and concerns associated with Great Lakes waters. The summit was held at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids. The intended audience for the summit was high school students from Michigan; attendees included a diverse group of students from across the state. Keystone worked closely with the Aquinas College Office of Admissions and the Center for Sustainability to develop and implement the program, as well as recruit student participants. This partnership contributed significantly to the success of the Youth Policy Summit program.


Final Report