Coastal Lake Huron Tributary Restoration

Grant: # 1262

Grant Amount: $58,370.11

Board Decision Year: 2012

Huron Pines (Grayling)

Jensen, Brad ([email protected]) 989-348-9319

GLFT - Ecosystem Health and Sustainable Fish Populations-G - Habitat protection and restoration

Project Details

Through funding support provided by the GLFT, Huron pines replaced twin 5’ perched culverts with a single-span structure over the Black River that reconnected nearly 18 river miles for aquatic organism passage.

The Black River, located in Alcona County, drains directly to Lake Huron and supports one of the last populations of migratory brook trout in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. In 2007 Huron Pines staff and volunteers from the Alcona-Black River Watershed Coalition inventoried road/stream crossings within the watershed and identified 39 sites. Of those the Sucker Creek Road/Black River site was ranked as the highest property site for restoration because of the severely perched and undersized culverts and high sediment load from the sandy approaches.

The purpose of the project was to replace twin 5’ diameter perched culverts with a single-span structure to open nearly 18 river miles for aquatic organism passage. In addition the steep, long, sandy approaches contributing 72 tons of sediment/year to the river would be hardened and appropriate diversion outlets would be installed. Both of these project goals were accomplished. The twin culverts were removed in November 2012 and a 32’ long by 54’ span by 9.3’ rise 3-span timber bridge was constructed. This greatly increased the flow capacity under the road and allowed for uninhibited fish and other aquatic organism movement. In addition, eight stone-lined turnouts were installed along the approaches to convey runoff into the ditches and prevent sediment from entering the river. The road was reshaped and widened and over 1,300 tons of crushed limestone was placed on the approaches to reduce sediment loading to the river. Guardrail was installed along the embankment for safety reasons.

The project was completed as planned. The project was successful because of strong partnership between Huron Pines, Alcona County Road Commission, project engineer, resource partners and funding entities working together to accomplish this highly-impactful project.


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