Culvert Removals - Brayton Creek at Cleveland Road

Grant: # 1346

Grant Amount: $75,000.00

Board Decision Year: 2013

Oceana County Road Commission (Hart)

Dutcher, Lisa ([email protected]) 231-873-4226

GLFT - Ecosystem Health and Sustainable Fish Populations-G - Habitat protection and restoration

Project Details

The GLFT provided funding support to Oceana County to replace two perched, collapsing culverts on Cleveland Road at its crossing of Brayton Creek. The culverts prevented passage for resident and migratory species in the White River watershed. The failing culverts were replaced with timber bridge spanning the bankfull width.


Final Report
Final report narrative and post restoration pictures.
View - 2013.1346_GLFT_BrayCleve_Final_Narrative_Report.pdf
GLFT Plaque
The commemorative plaque was mounted on the bridge Thursday, November 12, 2015. In an effort to prevent theft, the plaque was mounted with star-head stainless steel screws recessed below the plaque face.
View - 016.jpg
GLFT Brayton Plaque View 2
A second picture of the plaque mounted on the Cleveland Road/Brayton Creek timber bridge railing on November 12, 2015
View - 018.jpg
DS Brayton at Cleveland
View to the north downstream from Cleveland Road of Brayton Creek before restoration.
View - DS_BrayCleve_10-11-13.jpg
Upstream Brayton Creek
View to the south from Cleveland Road at Brayton Creek before restoration.
View - 964.jpg
Twin Perched Culverts
View to the southwest of twin perched culverts on Brayton Creek below Cleveland Road before restoration.
View - 968.jpg
Twin Culvert Outlets
View from north Cleveland road bank looking west at culvert end sections before restoration.
View - 1254.jpg
Culvert Inlets
View into culverts inlet sections from Brayton Creek, below Cleveland Road before restoration.
View - IMG01606-20121214-1330.jpg
Migratory Fish
A Fish swimming downstream from the plunge pool below twin perched culverts, Brayton Creek and Cleveland Road
View - Brayton___Cleveland_10-11-2013_021.jpg