Extending Great Lakes Fisheries Education and Project F.I.S.H. in Michigan: A Targeted Program within the Muskegon River Watershed

Grant: # 0144

Grant Amount: $46,680.00

Board Decision Year: 2000

Michigan State University - Office of Contract & Grant Administration (East Lansing)

Office of Contract & Grant Administration

Brubaker, Robert R. ([email protected]) 517-355-8729

GLFT - Great Lakes Stewardship-B - Other Great Lakes Stewardship

Project Details

This project promoted better understanding of Great Lakes fisheries and factors required to sustain this natural resource by providing materials, training, and support for teachers and volunteer mentors who work with youth in schools, sport fishing clubs, and locally sponsored sport fishing events. This project indirectly provided better access to resource users and promoted active stewardship of Great Lakes fisheries among youth and families. It accomplished these goals through exciting interactive learning materials, long-term learning experiences with mentors and clubs, and Family Fun Fishing Festivals.


Final Report