Barrier Removal Decision Support – A User-Driven Collaborative Modeling Suite

Grant: # 1561

Grant Amount: $150,000.00

Board Decision Year: 2015

Great Lakes Fishery Commission (Ann Arbor)

Hrodey, Peter ([email protected]) 9068695346

2015 Habitat Protection and Restoration: Habitat Information Initiative - Habitat protection and restoration

Project Details

Funded in part by the Great Lakes Fishery Trust, the Barrier Removal Collaborative Suite (BRCS) is a collaborative web platform that contains interactive mapping; standardized and current water, barrier, and invasive species data sets; and mechanisms for users to post comments, preferences, priorities, data, and plans. The platform allows users to share their views on water barriers and tributaries, comment on individual posts, create topics to discuss, and form shared interest groups to collaborate on barriers. The BRCS can also serve as a decision support tool that allows users to draw on the tool’s maps, save their individual project plans, as well as import plans created by other users in the BRCS. The main goal of the tool is to allow stakeholders to work in a cooperative online environment and provide a decision support tool based on the best available data. The project team integrated a survey mechanism into the BRCS that allows users to rank important areas and reach a consensus around those areas. Using data from the survey mechanism, the BRCS creates a grid heat map that shows the amount of agreement or disagreement around a particular area. These areas are designated as “Consensus Levels”. The tool is available for use here:


Barrier Removal Collaborative Suite User Guide
View - BRCS_SeaSketch_Userguide_2017_final.pdf
Great Lakes Fishery Commission Final Report
View - Research_Final_Report_GLC_version5.pdf