Informing policy and practice for AIS cases in the Great Lakes using lessons learned from the sea lamprey control story

Grant: # 1641

Grant Amount: $134,515.00

Board Decision Year: 2016

University of Michigan Water Center

Read, Jennifer ([email protected]) 734-763-2642

2016 Ecosystem Health and Sustainable Fish Populations Social, Economic, and Technology (SET) Research to Inform Policy and Practice - Social, economic, and technology research to inform policy and practice

Project Details

Sea lamprey control in the Great Lakes has been an unprecedented success. This study used a qualitative approach to assess and analyze factors that led to effective responses to aquatic invasive species. Researchers found that agencies must have an effective plan coordinated with and integrated into a regional approach, possess or have access jointly to the necessary infrastructure and equipment, and be authorized and prepared to act collectively at appropriate scales for an effective invasive species response.


Final Report
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