Thunder Bay Watershed Resource Inventories

Grant: # 1661

Grant Amount: $35,442.00

Board Decision Year: 2016

Huron Pines (Grayling)

Leisen, Josh ([email protected]) 989-448-2293 ext 16

2016 Habitat Protection and Restoration: Habitat Information Initiative - Habitat protection and restoration

Project Details

With funding support from the GLFT, Huron Pines completed a comprehensive road/stream crossing inventory as well as additional streambank erosion and invasive species inventories in the Thunder Bay Watershed. The data collected will help resource managers in the northeast Michigan make cost-effective decisions in locations that will generate the most impact. Road/stream crossing, streambank erosion, and invasive species inventory data have been uploaded to the publicly accessible website: Streambank erosion and invasive species data have also been uploaded to the Midwest Invasive Species Information Network website: Huron Pines has secured additional funding from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, to restore five of the highest-priority sites in the watershed. In-kind labor and equipment commitments have also been secured from the Montmorency County Road Commission. It is ideal when additional restoration efforts are completed as a result of completed watershed inventories.



Final Report
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Project Profile
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