Whitefish Workshop Paper

Grant: # 1763

Grant Amount: $5,000.00

Board Decision Year: 2017

Michigan State University - Center for Systems Integration & Sustainability

Center for Systems Integration & Sustainability

Taylor, Bill ([email protected]) 517-432-5025

2018 Ecosystem Health and Sustainable Fish Populations: Ecological and Biological Research to Inform Management - Ecological and biological fisheries research to inform management

Project Details

Researchers at Michigan State University cataloged the nature, location, and timing of research on lake whitefish in the upper Great Lakes from 2007 to 2018 to determine what research has been conducted and identify gaps in research and available data. 

A total of 32 Great Lakes fishery researchers responded to the field survey. The majority of lake whitefish research conducted by participants occurred on Lake Michigan (21 studies). Most research focused on larval monitoring and recruitment (19 studies) or stock characteristics of lake whitefish (16 studies).

The findings of this report were shared with participants of the Lake Whitefish Management Workshop hosted in February 2018 by the Great Lakes Fishery Commission and Great Lakes Fishery Trust.



Compilation of Research Activities Related to Lake Whitefish 2007 - 2018
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