Coldwater Conservation: Thunder Bay River Watershed

Grant: # 1864

Grant Amount: $213,534.00

Board Decision Year: 2019

Huron Pines (Grayling)

Leisen, Josh ([email protected]) 989-448-2293 ext 16

2019 Habitat Protection and Restoration: Targeted Land and Capital Efforts (Including Barrier Removal) - Habitat protection and restoration

Project Summary

This project will benefit brook trout and other aquatic species by reconnecting 89.6 upstream miles of critical coldwater habitat in the upper Thunder Bay River Watershed by replacing five undersized road/stream crossing structures with timber bridges. These project locations were identified as top priorities based on the comprehensive inventory of road/stream crossings completed in 2018 with Great Lakes Fishery Trust support. This work restores a suite of natural river processes while improving local road infrastructure.