Communications to Stop Asian Carp by Implementing the Brandon Road Project

Grant: # 1927

Grant Amount: $100,000.00

Board Decision Year: 2020

National Wildlife Federation - Great Lakes Regional Office (Ann Arbor)

Great Lakes Regional Office

Smith, Marc ([email protected]) 734-887-7116

2020 Special Projects - Special Projects

Project Summary

The timeline for the Brandon Road project has been pushed back by the pandemic. Therefore, National Wildlife Federation and our partners seek a one-year renewal at a lower level to finish the job. Specifically, we will enhance our successful Asian carp communications campaign to finalize the implementation of the Brandon Road project (Project). To do so, we will: 1) Launch new and inspiring communications that bolster momentum; 2) Deploy strategic communications that ‘nationalize’ our efforts to stop the further spread of Asian carp; and 3) Leverage and expand our partnerships with stakeholders in the Ohio and Mississippi River Basins by supporting control and eradication strategies. Keeping Asian carp out of the Great Lakes remains our number one priority. In order to protect the Great Lakes from Asian carp, our nationalization strategy will continue to expand our work into non-Great Lakes regions to build the necessary support that ultimately will lead to implementing the Brandon Road project.