Nurturing Stewardship Through Peer Mentoring

Grant: # 1935

Grant Amount: $43,544.35

Board Decision Year: 2021

Hope College - ExploreHope Academic Outreach (Holland)

ExploreHope Academic Outreach

Brown, Susan ([email protected]) 616.395.7924

2021 Great Lakes Stewardship - Other Great Lakes Stewardship

Project Summary

Nurturing Stewardship through Peer Mentoring will partner Hope College students with local K-12 students to engage in hands-on stewardship projects. College students will expand their leadership skills and commitment to stewardship while mentoring younger students in place-based education projects and cultivating the youth’s lifelong passions for the environment. The mutual support of these students by ExploreHope Academic Outreach and the Office of Sustainability creates a powerfully effective means to engage students throughout their learning.