Reconnecting the North Branch Boardman River at Broomhead Road

Grant: # 1976

Grant Amount: $85,000.00

Board Decision Year: 2021

Conservation Resource Alliance - Grandview Plaza Building (Traverse City)

Grandview Plaza Building

Shook, DJ ([email protected]) 231-492-7587

2021 Habitat Protection and Restoration - Habitat protection and restoration

Project Summary

A channel spanning timber bridge has been installed at the Broomhead Road crossing of the North Branch Boardman River replacing a severely undersized stream crossing culvert that created a fish passage barrier and induced excessive streambank erosion. As a result, 30 miles of habitat upstream has been reconnected to 20 miles of habitat downstream benefitting a diverse fishery of brook trout, brown trout, and other nonsalmonid predatory species that now have access to spring fed habitat types in the North Branch that are not found lower in the Boardman River Watershed.