Restoring Fish Passage on Claybank Creek

Grant: # 2063

Grant Amount: $200,000.00

Board Decision Year: 2024

Trout Unlimited, Inc (Rockford)

Bonzo, Matthias ([email protected]) 906-361-5064

2024 Habitat Protection and Restoration - Habitat protection and restoration

Project Summary

Trout Unlimited and its partners seek to replace an undersized and failing culvert on Claybank Creek and Pine Creek Road in Manistee County, Michigan. The current culvert is undersized relative to the natural stream channel dimensions, inhibits aquatic organism passage (AOP), and disrupts natural ecological processes. Trout Unlimited and its funding partners, the USDA Forest Service, US FWS, NOAA, and the Manistee County Road Commission have joined an effort to replace this crossing.