Evaluation of Recruitment Success, Habitat Preference, and River Retention of Young Lake Sturgeon in the Big Manistee River

Grant: # 0270

Grant Amount: $80,763.00

Board Decision Year: 2002

Little River Band of Ottawa Indians - Natural Resources Department (Manistee)

Natural Resources Department

Holtgren, Marty ([email protected]) 231-398-2193

GLFT - Ecosystem Health and Sustainable Fish Populations-E - Ecological and biological fisheries research to inform management

Project Details

The Manistee River, with good potential habitat and a sturgeon population of remnant historic numbers, is highly suitable for sturgeon rehabilitation. Evidence suggests poor recruitment and an insufficient spawner population are the culprits. This study focused on lake sturgeon recruitment in the Manistee River by monitoring egg deposition, larval drift, juvenile dispersal, and habitat utilization, and determined critical habitat for these life stages.


Final Report
Final Report