Investigations into the Causes of Thiamine Deficiency in Great Lakes Salmonids and the Effects of Low Thiamine on Swim-Up Fry Behavior (EMS)

Grant: # 0043

Grant Amount: $465,000.00

Board Decision Year: 2000

U.S. Geological Survey - Biological Resources Division (Wellsboro)

Biological Resources Division

Honeyfield, Dale ([email protected]) 570-724-3322 e233

GLFT - Ecosystem Health and Sustainable Fish Populations-C - Ecological and biological fisheries research to inform management

Project Details

Early mortality syndrome (EMS) of Great Lakes salmonid species is a result of a deficiency in the vitamin thiamine. The goal of this research was twofold: 1) to provide fishery management agencies with information for management of forage fish, such as alewife, to minimize thiamine-related loss of lake trout, coho, and Chinook salmon; and 2) to determine if neurological and other abnormalities in thiamine-deficient fry contribute to the observed recruitment failure in Lake Michigan lake trout populations.


Final Report