Big Rapids Dam Removal and Riverwalk Construction Project

Grant: # 0058

Grant Amount: $350,000.00

Board Decision Year: 2000

University of Michigan - Division of Research Development & Admin (Ann Arbor)

Division of Research Development & Admin

Plautz, Cindy ([email protected]) 231-592-4036

GLFT - Muskegon Initiative-G - Habitat protection and restoration

Project Details

The city's Muskegon River dam was removed, eliminating an obstruction and reconnecting portions of the Muskegon River. The high gradient portion of the Muskegon River was recovered which based on previous work on the Muskegon River, will directly and positively affect the ecology of the river. Following the removal, the city used its remaining GLFT grant funds to construct a riverwalk around the site, providing angler access, bank stabilization, and interpretative educational signage.


Final Report
Final Report