Classroom with a Current Watershed Laboratory

Grant: # 1694

Grant Amount: $59,742.00

Board Decision Year: 2017

Grand Rapids Public Museum Foundation - Collections & Education (Grand Rapids)

Collections & Education

Schulz, Gina ([email protected]) 6169291801

2017 Great Lakes Stewardship - Other Great Lakes Stewardship

Project Details

The Grand Rapids Public Museum (GRPM) Classroom with a Current program provided an opportunity for thousands of students to experience inquiry-based learning with a focus on Great Lakes Watersheds. Programs were designed to provide information that assisted students in becoming (1) active and effective stewards of the Great Lakes and (2) advocates for strategies that support the long-term sustainability of the Great Lakes fisheries. Programming included Museum based field trip programs, extension of a traveling exhibit and summer camp experiences. 


Final Narrative Report
View - GLFT_Final_Report_Aug_2018.pdf
Watershed Laboratory Evaluation Report
View - Classroom_with_a_Current_Watershed_Laboratory_Evaluation.pdf
Watershed Impact Report
View - Watershed_Impact_Report_2018.pdf
Information for classrooms about visiting the laboratory