Healing the Bear: Engineering Alternatives for the Lake Street Dam

Grant: # 1867

Grant Amount: $50,494.40

Board Decision Year: 2019

Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council (Petoskey)

Buchanan, Jennifer ([email protected]) 231-347-1181 x 1112

2019 Habitat Protection and Restoration: Targeted Land and Capital Efforts (Including Barrier Removal) - Habitat protection and restoration

Project Details

The Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council completed an engineering alternatives study for the lowermost barrier on the Bear River, the largest tributary to Little Traverse Bay. Potential alternatives for the Lake Street Dam were assessed and included complete or partial removal, modification, or no change. Project partners conducted community engagement efforts to solicit support, receive feedback on potential design alternatives, and highlight the connection between the Great Lakes fishery and coastal tributaries. The study will serve as the basis for prioritizing future management of the dam.

As a result of the study, there is greater understanding of the potential benefits and constraints moving forward with each alternative for the Lake Street Dam. The study revealed options that, if fully engineered, will allow for improved aquatic connectivity between the Bear River and Little Traverse Bay.


2019.1867 Final Project Report
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2019.1867 Engineering Alternatives for the Lake Street Dam report