# Project Organization Contact Status Amount
0037 Sutton's Landing Improvements

The Pere Marquette Charter Township angler access improvement project at Sutton's Landing was a pilot project (1998) of the Great Lakes Fishery Trust. This two-year project improved the Sutton's Landing Park, which served 7,500 fishermen per year prior to improvements. The boat launch provides access to Pere Marquette Lake, the Pere Marquette River, and Lake Michigan.

Board Decision Year: 1998
Pere Marquette Charter Township - Parks Commission (Ludington) Kelley, Joanne ([email protected]) Completed $209,375.00
0036 Project Fish!

This project promoted better understanding of Great Lakes fisheries and factors required to sustain this natural resource through providing materials, training, and support for teachers and volunteer mentors who work with youth in schools, sport fishing clubs, and locally sponsored sport fishing events. This project indirectly provided better access to resource users, and promoted active stewardship of Great Lakes fisheries among youth and families. It accomplished these goals through exciting interactive learning materials, long-term learning experiences with mentors and clubs, and Family Fun Fishing Festivals.

Board Decision Year: 1998
Michigan State University - Office of Contract & Grant Administration (East Lansing) Dann, Shari L. ([email protected]) Completed $210,620.00
0035 Fish for All

This project produced two education resources relating to Lake Michigan fisheries: a traveling exhibit and an exhibit catalog. These education resources enabled the public to contextualize present-day fisheries policies.

Board Decision Year: 1998
Western Michigan University - History (Kalamazoo) Chiarappa, Michael J. ([email protected]) Completed $194,921.16
0034 The Feasibility of Biocide Application in Controlling the Release of Non-Indigenous Species from Ballast Water

This project sought to investigate further the use of gluteraldehide to treat both no-ballast-on-board (NOBOB) and ballast-on board (BOB) shipping vessels. The main focus of this study was to access the logistics, efficacy, and environmental acceptability of treating vessels claiming NOBOB. A secondary goal was to evaluate the treatment of BOB vessels.

Board Decision Year: 1998
University of Michigan - Division of Research Development & Admin (Ann Arbor) Parsons, Michael ([email protected]) Completed $255,407.48
0033 Building a Prototype Fishway for Lake Sturgeon

This project resulted in the building and testing of a prototype fish passage for lake sturgeon. Primary components included continued telemetry studies at White Rapids Dam to determine the best location for a fishway passage; tests with juvenile lake sturgeon to determine the best fishway design; and tests with other warm-water fish to determine the effectiveness for other species.

Board Decision Year: 1998
University of Massachussetts - Department of Forestry & Wildlife (Amherst) Kynard, Boyd ([email protected]) Completed $133,452.00
0030 Big Sable River Access Improvements at Ludington State Park

This project improved angler access by connecting an existing parking area to the south pier. The improvements include the handicappe-accessible walkway and paved parking for approximately 12 vehicles.

Board Decision Year: 2001
Michigan Department of Natural Resources - Parks and Recreation Bureau (Lansing) Peterson, Paul ([email protected]) Completed $378,453.50
0003 Development of a Statewide Great Lakes Ecological Information System at Michigan's State Fish Hatcheries

This project developed integrated and comprehensive Great Lakes ecological information/interpretive centers at state fish hatcheries.

Board Decision Year: 1999
Michigan State University - Office of Contract & Grant Administration (East Lansing) Alvarez, Juan ([email protected]) Completed $3,344,696.00