# Project Organization Contact Status Amount
1925 Flint River Access at the Confluence of the Swartz Creek

The Flint River Watershed Coalition, along with the Uptown Reinvestment Corporation, will build access on the Flint River in downtown Flint. This stretch of river is valued for its walleye, bass, pike and pan fish fisheries, all of which are underutilized due to limited safe access. The site also will provide invaluable connections to the existing accessible river access site 2.2 miles downstream as well as access and river improvements underway upstream through downtown Flint.

Board Decision Year: 2020
Flint River Watershed Coalition (Flint) Fedewa, Rebecca ([email protected]) Active $150,000.00
1924 Grand Rapids Public Museum Riverfront Angler Access

The Grand Rapids Public Museum is re-imagining the role of a public museum. Located on the banks of the Grand River, the Museum will design a welcoming and universally accessible outdoor space that provides educational and recreational opportunities for interaction with the river. Anglers will have safe and well marked access to the fishery from created terraces and pathways. This phase of the project, and focus of proposal, will include finalizing schematic and engineering drawings.

Board Decision Year: 2020
Grand Rapids Public Museum Foundation - Collections & Education (Grand Rapids) Schulz, Gina ([email protected]) Completed $166,369.67
1920 Discovery Pier Fishing Access Improvements

The Discovery Center is starting a multi-phase project to transform an old city-owned coal dock into a recreational amenity. This project will greatly enhance public fishing access by creating universally accessible parking and pedestrian access to the east wall of the pier where sheeting piling will be modified to withstand higher water levels and railing with rod holders will be installed. All features will be designed and constructed using universal access principles.

Board Decision Year: 2020
Discovery Center Great Lakes (Traverse City) McDonough, Matt ([email protected]) Active $295,147.00
1919 Universal Great Lakes Fishery Access at Platte River Park

Development of two universally accessible fishing platforms and amenities at Homestead Township’s new 52-acre Platte River Park with over 1,550 feet of river access. These platforms will provide outstanding access for people of all ages, needs and abilities to fish for migratory Great Lakes species, including coho salmon and steelhead trout and learn about the fish, flora and fauna in and along the river and Great Lakes as well as the importance of environmental stewardship.

Board Decision Year: 2020
Homestead Township (Honor) Cooley, Tia ([email protected]) Active $195,865.50
1876 Sterling State Park Fishing Pier

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources will construct an accessible fishing pier at Sterling State Park for the purposes of provide a safe and accessible public fishing location. A former fishing pier was removed in 2015 due to ice damage. Installation of a new pier will provide improved capacity for fishing programming at this popular fishery.

Board Decision Year: 2019
Michigan Department of Natural Resources - Parks and Recreation Division (Lansing) Lincoln, Matt ([email protected]) Active $170,000.00
1875 Increasing Urban Shore-Based Fishing Access in the Cheboygan River: Construction Phase

In the heart of the city of Cheboygan, the Cheboygan River runs with steelhead salmon, rainbow trout, walleye, bass, and sunfish before entering Lake Huron. Its desirable fishing lacks safe access. From designs created with public input, project proposes to construct two of seven planned fishing piers, adjacent lighting, and connecting paths. The piers will provide a destination for shore-based fishing using universal access and reduce erosion from foot traffic.

Board Decision Year: 2019
Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council (Petoskey) Keson, Caroline ([email protected]) Active $324,172.63
1818 Tippy South River Bank Rehabilitation and Access Improvement

The Manistee River, below Tippy Dam (Wellston, MI), is a federally designated Wild And Scenic River and supports robust fish populations and critical habitat for wild and native species such as Lake Sturgeon. Due to the abundant angler opportunities the site provides, excessive bank erosion has occurred, leading to bank instability, sedimentation and hazardous access. The project team seeks to restore the stream bank and improve angler access at the south bank of the river.

Board Decision Year: 2018
Trout Unlimited (Arlington ) Geist, Jeremy ([email protected]) Completed $50,000.00
1817 Increasing Urban Shore-based Fishing Access on the Cheboygan River

To facilitate the design and engineering of seven accessible fishing piers along the Cheboygan River in downtown Cheboygan, Michigan, the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council formed a workgroup and engaged the public. The piers will provide accessible, safe access along an area that is hazardous to get to, difficult to fish, and eroding from foot traffic.

Board Decision Year: 2018
Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council (Petoskey) Keson, Caroline ([email protected]) Completed $25,000.00
1814 Black River Park Fish Cleaning Station

The City of South Haven constructed a no-fee, modern, ADA-compliant fish cleaning station in Black River Park to support shore-based angling along the Black River and Lake Michigan. The facility contains a washing station, commercial sprayers, draining racks, and cutting boards for anglers. The station is supported by other amenities at the park, including a restroom, boat launch, and fishing platform, making the station a convenient, high-utility feature.

Board Decision Year: 2018
City of South Haven (South Haven ) Hosier, Kate ([email protected]) Completed $150,000.00
1809 Elmwood Marina Fish Cleaning Station

Elmwood Charter Township has completed the first phase of its land-based redevelopment of the Elmwood Township Marina on West Grand Traverse Bay. The project, phase one of the redevelopment project, included the construction of a fish cleaning station featuring four cleaning tables and a restroom underneath a pavilion near the marina’s boat launch. The station is open to the public at no cost with nearby parking available.

Board Decision Year: 2018
Elmwood Township (Traverse City) Kopriva, Sara ([email protected]) Completed $99,660.00
1679 Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge Gateway Fishing Access Facility

Board Decision Year: 2016
Metropolitan Affairs Coalition (MAC) (Detroit) Egelton, Jody ([email protected]) Completed $50,000.00
1673 Hayes Township Park Camp Sea-Gull Fishing Pier

Hayes Township constructed an ADA-accessible public fishing pier at Hayes Township Park Camp Sea-Gull. The fishing pier is ten feet wide and extends approximately 157 feet into Lake Charlevoix. The pier provides deep-water fishing opportunities as it extends over a drop-off area.

Board Decision Year: 2016
Hayes Township (Charlevoix) Baranski, Kristin ([email protected]) Completed $234,000.00
1667 Black Creek Shore Fishing Access - Lake St. Clair Metropark

The Huron-Clinton Metroparks successfully designed and completed a designated shore fishing dock on the shore of Black Creek in Lake St. Clair Metropark. The dock and concrete pathway leading up to it meet Michigan Department of Natural Resources standards for universal accessibility. Dock amenities include two benches and an elevated platform that can be used as a tackle box placement.

Board Decision Year: 2016
Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority - Natural Resources (Brighton) Mitchell, Tyler ([email protected]) Completed $58,500.00
1665 Boyne City Public Fishing Pier

The City of Boyne City installed an ADA accessible, public fishing pier in Lake Charlevoix through a public/private partnership. The pier is approximately 190 feet long and located immediately southwest of the mouth of the Boyne River and complimented by existing public restrooms, parks and parking, and a direct connection to the City's downtown. The pier allows anglers of all experience levels and physical abilities to fish safely and conveniently.

Board Decision Year: 2016
City of Boyne City - Planning (Boyne City) Kilkenny, Patrick ([email protected]) Completed $47,500.00
1596 Acme's Sayler Park Boat Launch

Acme Township constructed a small boat access site on East Grand Traverse Bay at Sayler Park. Prior to completion of this project no public launches were available between Old Mission and Elk Rapids - separated by almost 20 car miles. Sayler Park is an established, rural, 22-acre family-friendly park owned and maintained by Acme Township. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources estimates through creel census information that over the last 10 years, angler effort has averaged 50,000 hours at the site with anglers making up 50 to 70 percent of users. The GLFT contributed approximately 20 percent of the project budget. The remaining 80 percent was provided by local, state, and tribal funding sources


Board Decision Year: 2015
Acme Township Williamsburg (Williamsburg) Aukerman, Jean ([email protected]) Completed $77,698.00
1593 Hayes Township Park, Camp Sea-Gull Fishing Pier

Hayes Township was provided with a planning grant to assess the potential for ice damage to a proposed fishing pier on Lake Charlevoix. The township was able to quantify the potential for ice damage to the structure and develop a design to mitigate risk through structural resistance to ice forces developed in Lake Charlevoix. The results of this planning grant will be incorporated into the design for the structure.

Board Decision Year: 2015
Hayes Township (Charlevoix) Kantola, Anne ([email protected]) Completed $23,040.00
1591 Fish Manistique

The purpose of the Fish Manistique project is to provide access to the Lake Michigan fishery at the mouth of the Manistique River.  An accessible parking lot with restrooms will be connected to an existing break wall by the boardwalk.  The break wall will be furnished with railings on both sides to make fishing safe for all users.

Board Decision Year: 2015
City of Manistique (Manistique) Aldrich, Sheila ([email protected]) Completed $126,900.00
1588 Belle Isle Shoreline Fishing Access Improvements

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Division and Parks and Recreation Division together will design and construct shoreline fishing access improvements in two areas at Belle Isle Park for the purposes of improving safety and accessibility for anglers. Improvements will include barrier free parking and pathways, new railings along the Detroit River for fishing access, and a site amenities such as interpretive signs, tackle tables and benches.

Board Decision Year: 2015
Michigan Department of Natural Resources - Parks and Recreation Division (Lansing) Lincoln, Matt ([email protected]) Completed $225,000.00
1585 Wilder River Walk Restoration

In 2007 a boardwalk was built along the Muskegon River on the south side of our Muskegon Lake Nature Preserve. The land was stable for many years, however recent storm evens and low lake levels have resulted in excessive erosion. The result is a portion of the boardwalk has been closed due to erosion under the pilings on the river side. This grant will pay for part of the restoration of The Wilder River Walk.

Board Decision Year: 2015
Muskegon Environmental Research & Education Society (North Muskegon) Verway, Clair ([email protected]) Completed -
1563 Belle Isle Access to Fishing – Boat Club Pier

The purpose of this project was to develop engineering plans and a cost estimate for the renovation/rehabilitation of the Boat Club Pier to improve fishing access at Belle Isle Park in Detroit, Michigan.  The scope for design of the project also included parking lot improvements, bridge replacement, lighting, walkway construction and the filling of dilapidated swimming pools to ensure safe access to the pier.  The project officially kicked off in 2015.  The final engineering documents for the pier were developed and delivered to the DNR in December, 2016.  A final cost estimate was also developed to guide future fundraising efforts for implementation of the construction phase of the project.

Board Decision Year: 2012
Michigan Department of Natural Resources - Parks and Recreation Division (Lansing) Lincoln, Matt ([email protected]) Completed $73,160.61
1397 Peshawbestown Marina Project Fishing Platforms

This grant award will help fund the construction cost of two fishing platforms to be integrated into a new marina complex at Peshawbestown, Leelanau County Michigan. This directly supports GLFT’s goal of increasing tribal and public access to fishing on the Great Lakes (Lake Michigan) and will include the advantages of sufficient parking, walkways and restrooms. This is an active fishing area, with a longtime fishing heritage, and the platforms allow anglers to reach viable deep waters via casts

Board Decision Year: 2013
Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians (Suttons Bay) Harris-Brady, Heather ([email protected]) Completed -
1375 Holland Channel Accessibility and Amenities

This project improved angler access at Holland State Park by removing physical barriers and paving a walkway along the channel between Lake Macatawa and Lake Michigan.

Board Decision Year: 2013
Michigan Department of Natural Resources - Parks and Recreation Division (Lansing) Lincoln, Matt ([email protected]) Completed $200,000.00
1374 Traverse City Pier

The grant was used to complete the design, preliminary engineering, studies and construction drawings and details to build an approx. 550 foot, universally accessible fishing pier at the mouth of the Boardman River on Grand Traverse Bay. The pier will provide unique, outstanding access for people of all ages, needs and abilities to fish for migratory and other species, and to learn about the Great Lakes, the importance of stewardship and the value, challenges and opportunities involving the fishery.

Board Decision Year: 2013
City of Traverse City (Traverse City) Soyring, Russ ([email protected]) Completed $232,000.00
1370 Epoufette Harbor development

The Sault Tribe will develop a tribal fishing access and mooring facility on the north shore of Lake Michigan, near Epoufette, MI. The project will expand and improve a long-existing commercial fishing access and dock facility that is in now in disrepair and unusable for commercial fishing vessels. The project will provide: mooring for large commercial boats; launch capabilities for commercial, enforcement, biological, and recreational vessels; and parking.

Board Decision Year: 2013
Sault Ste Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians (Sault Ste. Marie) McCoy, Susan ([email protected]) Active $660,750.00
1278 Beaver Island Harbor Development Project

The GLFT provided funding to Saint James Township for engineering services to produce feasibility and design studies to develop a shore-based angling site on Paradise Bay on Beaver Island.


Board Decision Year: 2012
St. James Township (Beaver Island) Haggard, Bill ([email protected]) Completed $15,980.00