# Project Organization Contact Status Amount
1992 Sucker River, Alger County, H-58 road crossing replacement and seasonal sea lamprey barrier construction project

Great Lakes Fishery Commission (Ann Arbor) Hrodey, Peter ([email protected]) Active -
1991 Beavertail Creek Restoration

This project will benefit brook trout and other aquatic species by reconnecting approximately 17

upstream miles of critical coldwater habitat in the Les Cheneaux Watershed by replacing three

undersized road/stream crossing structures on Beavertail Creek. These project locations were

identified as top priorities based on the comprehensive inventory of road/stream crossings

2022 GLFT Habitat Protection and Restoration: Targeted Lands and Capital Improvements Application 2

Beavertail Creek Restoration completed in 2021 with Great Lakes Fishery Trust support. This work will restore a suite of natural river processes while improving local road infrastructure.

Board Decision Year: 2022
Huron Pines (Grayling) Nowakowski, Amy ([email protected]) Active $100,012.19
1990 Spanning the Headwaters of the Jordan River

With designs completed, state permits secured, and federal permitting underway, the “Spanning the Headwaters of the Jordan River Project” entails restoration of two severe culvert road/stream crossings, #WA-3 and #WA-5, on the Jordan River by constructing bankfull spanning bridges that provide full aquatic passage from 7 miles upstream to 16 miles downstream, halt the annual input 2022 GLFT Habitat Protection and Restoration: Targeted Lands and Capital Improvements Application 2 2022.1990, Spanning the Headwaters of the Jordan River of 10 tons of sediment from runoff, restore floodplain connectivity, and return natural stream morphology, water temperatures and velocities.

Board Decision Year: 2022
Conservation Resource Alliance - Grandview Plaza Building (Traverse City) Balke, Kimberly ([email protected]) Active $200,000.00
1983 Protecting and Increasing the Value of the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Commercial Fishery

Current uses for commercially caught whitefish only capture a small fraction of the full potential value of each fish. Overall, the Great Lakes commercial fishery is a tremendously undervalued and underutilized asset. This project will research the opportunities to utilize 100% of the fish carcass that is harvested. By increasing the value of each individual fish, the fishery can be better sustained while critical research and management actions are ongoing to address the population decline.


Board Decision Year: 2022
Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors & Premiers - Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors & Premiers (Arlington Heights) Naftzger, David ([email protected]) Active $157,558.00
1977 Fresh Coast Initiative

Freshwater is Michigan’s lifeblood – its greatest resource. The need for meaningful engagement and public awareness surrounding the protection and enjoyment of freshwater is not a new development. MUCC sees a pressing need to improve public awareness surrounding the benefits and threats to the resource and its fisheries.

Through hands-on stewardship projects and learn to fish events, MUCC will directly educate youth and their families about the importance of the Great Lakes and its fisheries.

Board Decision Year: 2021
Michigan United Conservation Clubs (Lansing) McKeon, Shaun ([email protected]) Active $19,998.00
1976 Reconnecting the North Branch Boardman River at Broomhead Road

This project will construct a timber bridge replacing an undersized culvert connecting 30 miles of North Branch Boardman River to the 20 miles of the newly restored and connected Boardman River mainstem. A diverse fishery of brook trout, brown trout, and other nonsalmonid predatory species will have access to spring fed habitat types in the North Branch that are not found lower in system improving resiliency for cold water species and productivity for the fishery.

Board Decision Year: 2021
Conservation Resource Alliance - Grandview Plaza Building (Traverse City) Shook, DJ ([email protected]) Active $85,000.00
1972 Dowagiac River Riffle Restoration Project

This project on the Dowagiac River restores natural river processes and significantly benefits fisheries in the Great Lakes Basin. In the southeastern Lake Michigan Basin, there is no comparable cold water river system of this size with its rare high gradient habitat. The riffle and habitat boulders will provide grade control and long-term stability of the river profile, provide spawning material for fish, habitat for macroinvertebrates and slow water pockets for migrating fish to rest.

Board Decision Year: 2021
Niles City (Niles) Hamilton, Marcy ([email protected]) Active $100,000.00
1971 Restoration of Hydrological Function to the Dowagiac River

The Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians (“Pokagon Band”) seeks to restore historic meanders to the Dowagiac River, which was dredged, straightened, and disconnected from its floodplain in the early 1900’s. Meanders restoration will increase the system’s resiliency, reduce turbidity, increase wetland acreage, and create more functional in-stream habitat. The restoration will benefit multiple species, including potamodromous fish, turtles, and waterfowl, and allow tribal citizens to fish from tribal properties for salmonid and non-salmonid migratory fish.

Board Decision Year: 2021
Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians (Dowagiac) Dueweke, Anne ([email protected]) Active $150,000.00
1970 Marshville Dam Removal

Stony Creek, a third order coldwater stream located in Oceana County, Michigan, is a tributary connected directly (with the exception of Marshville Dam) to Lake Michigan at the lake’s midpoint. The project goal is intended to ameliorate the negative effects of excess sediment bedload, an undersized road/stream crossing, and the presence of a small dam.

Board Decision Year: 2021
Conservation Resource Alliance - Grandview Plaza Building (Traverse City) Shook, DJ ([email protected]) Active $50,000.00
1965 Year Round Stewardship Education Programs at Inland Seas

Inland Seas Education Association (ISEA) will implement year-round stewardship education programs utilizing a newly renovated dorm facility, expanding the organization’s engagement potential beyond what has been limited to a six-month sailing season. Funding is already in place for developing the structure and content of programs, and grant funding from GLFT will allow ISEA to execute pilot programs over the course of 2022-23 and evaluate for long-term success.

Board Decision Year: 2021
Inland Seas Education Association (Suttons Bay) Sitkins, Fred ([email protected]) Active $55,750.00
1962 Tip of the Mitt Watershed Academy: Fostering the Next Generation of Great Lakes Stewards

Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council will continue to foster millennial stewards in Northern Michigan by providing high school students with place-based, hands-on water resources education experiences through the Watershed Academy program. The proposed grant will allow the Watershed Council to continue to offer this program to students in our service area. It will also allow Watershed Council staff to update the program to make the program available to students and teachers during COVID-19.

Board Decision Year: 2021
Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council (Petoskey) Buchanan, Jennifer ([email protected]) Active $56,920.00
1960 From Wetlands to Deep Waters: The Importance of the Great Lakes Ecosystems and Fisheries

This project seeks to increase awareness and understanding of the ecology of the Great Lakes in two ways. First, through hands-on experiences that teach youth stewardship and leadership skills; and Second, by installing a permanent watershed exhibit at the SEEDS Eco-Learning Center in Traverse City. These opportunities will support long-term sustainability of the Great Lakes through increased understanding of the general public, and by encouraging action and community engagement.

Board Decision Year: 2021
Seeds (Traverse City) Foley, Rose ([email protected]) Active $33,988.00
1959 Inferring source-specific production of adult Coho salmon to the Lake Michigan fishery using otolith chemistry


Board Decision Year: 2021
Central Michigan University - Department of Biology and Institute for Great Lakes Research (Mt. Pleasant) Pangle, Kevin ([email protected]) Active $152,695.00
1957 Comparing habitat use, survival, and movement patterns of stream-side and traditionally-reared Lake Sturgeon stocked into the Saginaw River System

Board Decision Year: 2021
Michigan State University - Department of Fisheries and Wildlife (East Lansing) Vandergoot, Christopher ([email protected]) Active $253,992.55
1952 Contribution of resident and migrant yellow perch to angler harvest in drowned river mouth lakes

Yellow perch is an ecologically and economically important native species in Lake Michigan that is well below peak abundance. We propose to identify the proportion of yellow perch harvest in drowned river mouth lakes (lake-like habitats connecting a tributary to a large lake) that consists of migrants from Lake Michigan using a combination of isotopic and genetic analyses. This research will allow mangers to estimate stock contributions to harvest, which is critical for successful management.

Board Decision Year: 2021
Grand Valley State University - Annis Water Resources Institute (Muskegon) Ruetz, Carl ([email protected]) Active $156,304.00
1949 Spatial, temporal, and diel relations between zooplankton and age-0 lake whitefish in the Upper Great Lakes

One hypothesis for recent lake whitefish (LAW) population declines in Lakes Michigan and Huron is because of decreased food (zooplankton) for larval fish. However, relations between zooplankton and larval lake whitefish are poorly understood at large spatial, temporal, and diel scales. Our proposed work combines comprehensive, and standardized sampling, field campaigns with mesocosm experiments to better understand within-and across-lake relations between larval LAW density, condition, and growth, zooplankton populations, and other environmental variables.

Board Decision Year: 2022
Lake Superior State University - Center for Freshwater Research and Education (Sault Ste. Marie) Doubek, Jonathan ([email protected]) Active $194,738.63
1943 Fostering Great Lakes Stewards through Watershed Education, Fly Fishing, and Restoration

Trout Unlimited will inspire the next generation of Great Lakes stewards by engaging Kentwood and Grandville Public School students through watershed education, fly fishing, and stewardship. Students will explore their local trout stream, learn to cast a fly rod and tie flies, and plan and implement stewardship projects, thus granting students the knowledge, tools, and community to become thoughtful recreators and impactful stewards of the Great Lakes.

Board Decision Year: 2021
Trout Unlimited, Inc. (Arlington) Vaughan, Jamie ([email protected]) Active $65,000.00
1941 An Otolith Microchemistry Library to Assess Natal Origins of Lake Whitefish

Board Decision Year: 2022
University of Wisconsin - Green Bay - Department of Natural and Applied Sciences (Green Bay) Forsythe, Patrick ([email protected]) Active $57,676.00
1935 Nurturing Stewardship Through Peer Mentoring

Nurturing Stewardship through Peer Mentoring will partner Hope College students with local K-12 students to engage in hands-on stewardship projects. College students will expand their leadership skills and commitment to stewardship while mentoring younger students in place-based education projects and cultivating the youth’s lifelong passions for the environment. The mutual support of these students by ExploreHope Academic Outreach and the Office of Sustainability creates a powerfully effective means to engage students throughout their learning.

Board Decision Year: 2021
Hope College - ExploreHope Academic Outreach (Holland) Brown, Susan ([email protected]) Active $43,544.35
1931 River of Time Museum Education

The Grand Rapids Public Museum will build on its successful school-based watershed programming to develop public programs that engage the community and promote stewardship. The Museum’s Camp Curious and public programs will be expanded to include additional sessions and the Sturgeon Excursion, a Museum game/learning platform, which will be adapted and offered to general Museum visitors and has the potential to reach over 250,000 people annually.

Board Decision Year: 2021
Grand Rapids Public Museum Foundation - Collections & Education (Grand Rapids) Schulz, Gina ([email protected]) Active $78,619.58
1928 Detroit Leadership and Environmental Education Program

The Detroit Leadership and Environmental Education Program builds the next generation of Great Lakes environmental and conservation leaders and stewards from frontline communities most impacted by environmental racism. Through a combination of watershed citizen science, an ecological educational curriculum, career mentorship, and outdoor experiences like fishing, camping, hiking and foraging we work with Detroit high school students to foster the deep, passionate relationships with the Great Lakes that fuel a lifetime of leadership.

Board Decision Year: 2021
National Wildlife Federation - Great Lakes Regional Center (Ann Arbor) Holland, Manja ([email protected]) Active $75,000.00
1927 Communications to Stop Asian Carp by Implementing the Brandon Road Project

The timeline for the Brandon Road project has been pushed back by the pandemic. Therefore, National Wildlife Federation and our partners seek a one-year renewal at a lower level to finish the job. Specifically, we will enhance our successful Asian carp communications campaign to finalize the implementation of the Brandon Road project (Project). To do so, we will: 1) Launch new and inspiring communications that bolster momentum; 2) Deploy strategic communications that ‘nationalize’ our efforts to stop the further spread of Asian carp; and 3) Leverage and expand our partnerships with stakeholders in the Ohio and Mississippi River Basins by supporting control and eradication strategies. Keeping Asian carp out of the Great Lakes remains our number one priority. In order to protect the Great Lakes from Asian carp, our nationalization strategy will continue to expand our work into non-Great Lakes regions to build the necessary support that ultimately will lead to implementing the Brandon Road project.

Board Decision Year: 2020
National Wildlife Federation - Great Lakes Regional Office (Ann Arbor) Smith, Marc ([email protected]) Active $100,000.00
1925 Flint River Access at the Confluence of the Swartz Creek

The Flint River Watershed Coalition, along with the Uptown Reinvestment Corporation, will build access on the Flint River in downtown Flint. This stretch of river is valued for its walleye, bass, pike and pan fish fisheries, all of which are underutilized due to limited safe access. The site also will provide invaluable connections to the existing accessible river access site 2.2 miles downstream as well as access and river improvements underway upstream through downtown Flint.

Board Decision Year: 2020
Flint River Watershed Coalition (Flint) Fedewa, Rebecca ([email protected]) Active $150,000.00
1924 Grand Rapids Public Museum Riverfront Angler Access

The Grand Rapids Public Museum is re-imagining the role of a public museum. Located on the banks of the Grand River, the Museum will design a welcoming and universally accessible outdoor space that provides educational and recreational opportunities for interaction with the river. Anglers will have safe and well marked access to the fishery from created terraces and pathways. This phase of the project, and focus of proposal, will include finalizing schematic and engineering drawings.

Board Decision Year: 2020
Grand Rapids Public Museum Foundation - Collections & Education (Grand Rapids) Schulz, Gina ([email protected]) Active $166,369.67
1920 Discovery Pier Fishing Access Improvements

The Discovery Center is starting a multi-phase project to transform an old city-owned coal dock into a recreational amenity. This project will greatly enhance public fishing access by creating universally accessible parking and pedestrian access to the east wall of the pier where sheeting piling will be modified to withstand higher water levels and railing with rod holders will be installed. All features will be designed and constructed using universal access principles.

Board Decision Year: 2020
Discovery Center Great Lakes (Traverse City) McDonough, Matt ([email protected]) Active $295,147.00